Analysis of Motor Stop Fault in Pulp Pump

May 18, 2023

  We often encounter various malfunctions when using pulp pumps on weekdays. Minor malfunctions may require replacing the plug, while larger ones may be scrapped directly. Of course, there are many common faults in the middle. For these faults, we can actually solve them with our hands. Below, the pulp pump manufacturer will explain those common motor stop faults and corresponding solutions.
1、 Motor stall fault:
1. It may be that the motor is running out of power. First, connect it to a different power source to see if it still cannot operate. Then, a skilled electrician should disassemble, inspect, and repair it.
2. It may be that the pump is blocked by transportation medium, so check the pump body to clean the blocked medium.
3. The motor is broken. During the inspection process, it was found that the motor is broken, so it needs to be replaced with a new one.
4. It is also possible that the control board has malfunctioned, which requires inspection and repair of the control board,
5. The latter possibility is that the impeller of the pulp pump is stuck by the wear-resistant lining, so it is necessary to check the condition of the impeller being stuck, and then adjust the gap between the impeller and the wear-resistant lining.
The motor shutdown faults of the pulp pump are similar to the above, and these faults can be detected and resolved by ourselves. Therefore, next time, do not send them to a repair shop without moving them, which can save you a lot of maintenance costs.

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