The application of the Three Gorges Project drainage pump station

May 18, 2023
The General Secretary's investigation into the Three Gorges Project has become a hot topic recently. Starting in May, the south is expected to approach, drainage of the reservoir area and flood control and drainage of nearby cities, good rainstorm warning and how to take timely measures to eliminate urban waterlogging are issues considered by the government.
Mobile pump truck is a good helper to solve urban waterlogging, according to the actual situation can choose truck or trailer type, we provide pump truck with one of the important components - CAM rotor pump.
The characteristics of the CAM rotor pump are obvious, the structure is simple and practical, and the advantages are mainly reflected in the following points:
1, gas, liquid, mixed transmission, no vacuum auxiliary system, boot directly use
2, self-priming height can reach 9 meters, ordinary centrifugal pump can only reach 3 meters
3, no winding, no blockage, you can pass through the round large particle objects, long fiber liquid impurities, such as plastic bags, branches, household garbage and so on
The internal use of the CAM rotor pump is rubber covered rotor, in drainage, drainage engineering, compared with the stainless steel impeller of centrifugal pump, wear resistance, service life has advantages. As mentioned above, the centrifugal pump cannot be single pumped, because it will cause the mechanical seal to overheat and lead to the safety of the pump car. The CAM rotor pump can help customers solve this problem.
The CAM rotor pump as the core of the mobile pump car according to the long-term storage of rescue and relief equipment, lack of maintenance, bad working environment, special operation requirements and other factors formed by the sudden, urgent, diversity of work, social impact and other characteristics of the research and development, is the municipal sewage and flood control and drainage of a good helper!

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